This darn crust…

This is the Joy time of year! The bring your best time of year! The want and the won’t time of year…

The planning and tension. The baking and believing.

Let it be! Babies just let it be!

To those of you who think you have it figured out and the ones who have a Yuletide team to rock your dreamy dreams of warmy lovey love cookies and twinkle lights and comfy digs and old movies and perfectly planned this or that you are so wonderful…

Who are the lucky people to glean your holiday madness?

We are all looking for a whole love- whole blessed- whole good- being and feeling yes?

But please give it all a pile of salt because it won’t go how you dream it. You are inflicted by humans and physics. Deny any disappointment because it’s not about you.

It’s about you fitting in to this World. Be proud you are willing. Play music loud LOUD.

The letting go is the true gift. For you and them…

To give without concern of getting is the thing. We are on a planet where so few have everything and so many have nothing.

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