Ionic Ironic…

Negative Ions = Good

Positive Ions = Bad

Negative Ions are fantastic and very good for your health. 😁

Positive Ions are very very bad. πŸ™

Ions are electrically charged particles in the air that travel into your lungs with every breath and go into your bloodstream… whoa right?

Many many Positive Ions are in the air around cities and power plants and refineries and in air conditioned buildings and cars recirculating air.

So cool I saw this General Lee on a random stop in a small town to buy a floaty tube before camping. Be open to random always!❀️

These Ions greatly contribute to feelings of fatigue , anxiety, depression, and moodiness. πŸ™πŸ˜’πŸ˜«πŸ˜’πŸ˜€

Boooo. 😦

Negative Ions increase the flow of oxygen to your brain!

This means: higher alertness, decreased drowsiness, and more mental energy. Yay!

Better yet, Negative Ions, once in your bloodstream, stimulate biochemical reactions that: attach themselves to damaging free radicals that harm you and protect you from their negative effects!

You know free radicals right? Yuck!

So where do we get these awesome Ions you ask?

Ohhh. Easy peasy!

Anywhere water moves. Yep!

Rivers, Streams, Lakes, Oceans, and totally just Rain!

You must remember being outside in the rain as a kid.

So right after the thunderstorm passes and there is no more lightning get your butt outside.

Ok. Also waterfalls! These are major Negative Ion generators!

Whoop Whoop we have those here in Wisconsin!

The falls in Osceola, Wisconsin rival Minnehaha Falls in Minnesota because you can get right up close.

I have been to Copper Falls which was / is amazing. I highly strongly recommend it if you are in the neighborhood. Bring a sandwich as there are zero restaurants around.

Way cooler than this pic. Trust me.

Maybe some turkey jerky in your pocket! I am perfecting my own recipe to share when I am satisfied.πŸ„

So. We all avoid this or that right?

Pish. Tah! You need to get a great burger at the County Line Tavern!

I will tell you where it is when you come!

So now I’m telling you to go get your fix. Let your biological and chemical and beautiful delicate body absorb some and take note of your mental response.

People. This Earth will heal you if you let it and then maybe we can care enough to heal it back?

Yeah. We are on that little white dot… wake up! πŸ™