It’s not Wisconsin’s fault

D61BA084-64E0-4BF9-8B3A-2744BDF5A5B4It’s on me. Take a sec and think of three things that GIVE you energy and think of three things that DRAIN you.

I don’t have the right to be super personal because it’s been awhile since I have written and out of respect I will keep it general.

First,  my Blessing  to anyone who reads this:   You are an imperfect soul.

Also.  Your soul is not your height,  weight,  body type, credit score,  job title,  the toys in your garage or your concern for the way others see you.

It’s not how many of anything…or anyone you have ever had.

It is not your religion, race, or sexual preference.

Second: Reverence



To summarize, in the two minutes you are recommended to spend brushing your teeth, think about what a small LEGO piece you are; a grain of sand makes me sound mean and I am the opposite.

You could be a huge tree, or gorgeous waterfall big or small, or sacred site or a volcano….

This Volcano stuff is pretty humbling I think. Hurricanes. Earthquakes. Avalanches.

There are so many humans on this ship and the ship is changing. The only thing that can help you figure out what YOU are supposed to DO here now is to shut everything off for even five minutes.  One real sixty second minute.

The Earth changes; we all learned in school about glaciers and dinosaurs…(what the fuck?)

Here’s the deal. You won a free trip to Earth and what would you like to do? This free trip expires randomly.

This fresh message sent from the deck. At magic time. My light is on. Turn yours on too please.CEF4503F-4959-4457-97EB-D088FF1C6D3E

2 thoughts on “It’s not Wisconsin’s fault

  1. Greetings, fellow soul on this Earth journey. Is that a remote on the chair’s arm? Did you turn on the sun with it? 🙂 Have a peace filled day.


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