You wonder what does this word mean and what the heck am I in for now!


I picked up my poppy today from the volunteers raising money for the Veterans of our Wars.

How is War still a thing?

I got to thinking about why this is this flower the symbol of honoring Veterans?

I mean I know a heck of a lot about the poppy; in Latin it is named papaver…

This story started with men fighting and killing each other and then after the fight people came to bury the bodies. WW1. Ish.

There are seeds of many plants that can lay dormant in the soil for years and be it fire, earthquake, or a hundred graves, they will rise up to germinate.

There are many planty things humans can’t always control. Thank you Universe!

This poem came about after this Canadian Military Doctor, John M. McCrae viewed the killing field and it was filled with blooming red poppies…

I am not ever here to bum you out and my best advice to any soul is to never watch the Evening News.

It’s ok to just focus on you, yes you and your inner bits and also the ones you love…

You may be able to actually do something to help.

Yep I always have something knitted in; I hope you know by now that I am trying to figure this out too.

The poppy plant is the source of Opium and Heroin…

The big Pharma companies have figured out how to make money off of us by creating synthetic laboratory version. Intense and addictive. Codeine and Oxycodone. Fentanyl. Killed my Prince.

Like sugar cane. Yes Virginia, sugar is ridiculous addictive.


Historically, like way way back, this poppy plant was such a useful medicine.

Milder and gentler, the flowers and the seeds and the resin from the seed pods were a wonderful healthy natural medicine.

I cannot be more specific but you can learn more on your own…

People don’t need to die and there is a way to wean them off with a 1.50$ packet of seeds.

I have said too much but if you are doubtful of actual plants on the Earth and more confident in a nicely shaped pill please reevaluate your position.

I feel like so many have died in War but also just regular random people like us have died and it doesn’t have to continue.

It is worth the effort to learn a little more; in this case I am tossing the ball to you.

My tribe.

The full moon is coming. Get ready.❤️

Dandelions Rule!

nature flowers summer yellow

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The name comes from img_0507the French word, “dent de lion”.

The leaves are like Lion’s teeth…

Lions are beyond amazing and they live here with us. For now.

lion lying on grass during daytime

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The dandelion is a plant that has the longest flowering season of all plants; it’s seeds can travel five miles.

Earth is trying. You try too. Please hear me.

A human can dig it out but if they miss one bit of the tap root, it will grow again.

How are you going to tackle Dandelions from five miles away? Why try?

Who cares? Or maybe why care is better.?

Dandelion Super Powers Let It Be…


Dandelion immigrants are interfering with your idea of the perfect yard. The one you only venture into to kill the dandelions. The one you think about. The Yard. Look for ant hills. Avoid your life. Avoid your wife. Wake up.

Well. This whole plant is edible and filled with vitamins. Raw or cooked. The smallest leaves are the sweetest for a salad but the bigger ones can be sautéed like spinach.

I have not breaded and fried the flowers but I hear it’s great and have done that to mushrooms so what is weirder?


IT IS that big stubborn taproot that holds so much for us. ❤️

I credit dandelion tea mixed with other more yummy teas for helping me heal from the Tick diseases.

The Anaplasmosis got into every organ in my body and made Lymes seem like a common cold.

I could really do nothing but sit in the lazy boy and look stuff up on the iPad. Cold sweat. Luckily Zuzu had my back.

Geez people who get dogs see it…

Bummer for those that don’t.🙏


Dandelion roots can be dried and added to anything like stir fry or pot roast.

Also: mmm wine! Yep it’s a thing and I will try it and let you know. ;). It takes four months. We’ll see.

Science factual facts: Taraxacum officinale. Any plant that has the second Latin name, officinale was historically used for medicine before God created pharmacy.

Here we go…

Gathered early, the leaves stimulate and clean out the intestines. Eat them in salad or sauté.

The root, while not delicious, helps your liver cleanse your blood.

Just get the tea and mix it with other tea and you will feel so clean on the inside…

I want this for you!


Details: leaves are rich in calcium and vitamins A,C,K and B2.

Your liver is responsible for cleaning everything from your blood;  all the car exhaust,  paint fumes,  drugs and alcohol, and many other toxins that are left to your liver to deal with….

Hey kids Dandelions are truly the best support for your liver. Like did you even know?

So. Maybe just grab a box of this tea and pick another one in the same aisle that is easily more delicious and boil and steep and try.

Please don’t be like ick it’s bitter and I won’t do it…add sugar if you want.

Add it to your Diet Coke. It is literally the one tea that will improve your body and if you don’t believe me Google it.

You gotta know I’m on your side…



However, on behalf of the dandelions you see here and there and everywhere, please see health and resource and I don’t hurt your feet and your kids have fun making necklaces with me. ( dandelion voice).

Don’t go for chemicals.

Wake up.

I have no idea why it’s all under lined. Maybe someone thinks it’s important?


My love to you. ❤️

It’s not Wisconsin’s fault

D61BA084-64E0-4BF9-8B3A-2744BDF5A5B4It’s on me. Take a sec and think of three things that GIVE you energy and think of three things that DRAIN you.

I don’t have the right to be super personal because it’s been awhile since I have written and out of respect I will keep it general.

First,  my Blessing  to anyone who reads this:   You are an imperfect soul.

Also.  Your soul is not your height,  weight,  body type, credit score,  job title,  the toys in your garage or your concern for the way others see you.

It’s not how many of anything…or anyone you have ever had.

It is not your religion, race, or sexual preference.

Second: Reverence



To summarize, in the two minutes you are recommended to spend brushing your teeth, think about what a small LEGO piece you are; a grain of sand makes me sound mean and I am the opposite.

You could be a huge tree, or gorgeous waterfall big or small, or sacred site or a volcano….

This Volcano stuff is pretty humbling I think. Hurricanes. Earthquakes. Avalanches.

There are so many humans on this ship and the ship is changing. The only thing that can help you figure out what YOU are supposed to DO here now is to shut everything off for even five minutes.  One real sixty second minute.

The Earth changes; we all learned in school about glaciers and dinosaurs…(what the fuck?)

Here’s the deal. You won a free trip to Earth and what would you like to do? This free trip expires randomly.

This fresh message sent from the deck. At magic time. My light is on. Turn yours on too please.CEF4503F-4959-4457-97EB-D088FF1C6D3E