I am SO moved to climb out of my everyday in everyway personal drama: projects, poems, joys, dreams, and work and such…

I spent too much time yesterday listening to the audio of the gunfire that killed and wounded so many. 

The rest of us are the walking wounded.  Driving dumbfounded. Baking depressed…

Doesn’t this horrific crime make us realize if we didn’t already, that THE Enemy, the Opposition, the Blameable has nothing to do with skin color.  It’s skin.  Covers the skeleton.  And guts.  Of another Human.  

I have been deep in my head and my heart lately and by lately I mean a few months.

The Spring and Summer here on the old Farmstead is filled with chores and frustrations.  But I wouldn’t know because I planted my veggies in pots on the patio and left them with dad and ran off to explore the rivers and beaches and towns…

Oh it is so dang beautiful here in Wisconsin.  The air is magnificent.  The lakes are clear and the beer flows like wine.😊

And then I got Lymes Disease.

I also got Anaplasmosis at the same time and while it tried to kill me, it saved my life.  The jokes on it… Or them.  

There is more than one tickbourne illness out there.  Don’t let it stop you from living and loving what you love.  Don’t let anything stop you.  It is an organism here on Earth and is just doing what it is supposed to do.  It is a product of the science of the Earth today and also it’s environment.  Hmmm.  It’s science. There is nothing to be afraid of…

So that happened and I am recovering and I knew I then and I know it now, it is a small issue, a bump, a wake up call.

<insert gross picture of a wood tick here>

Everything dies eventually.  Well maybe not light or wind or taxes but you know what I mean.

We should all be allowed to live out our natural lives without fear of everything on the news today. AND, the worse stuff they don’t broadcast.

Hurricanes and Earthquakes and Tornados and Floods were here long before us.  They will be here if we are gone.

But not bombs or shooters or genocide or pollution.  Not the garbage islands floating in the ocean.  For sure not the halo of garbage of broken destroyed satellites that surrounds our beloved planet.  Yeah can you take a sec and just Google those two things?  Then just also look into the Great Coral Reef.  Don’t be mad or sad just see and know and think and we will do…  Don’t forget!

So.  I have come to the feverish opinion, (103 for 3 days give or take), that maybe let’s not focus on the Past and Patriotism per se.  

Maybe it’s OK to celebrate the brains that God created and let those scientists teach us about our collective interest; air, water, food, other Species, and to respect our short lives and the ones that will hopefully come after us.

It might be OK to advocate for the future of our species and others on this planet instead of preparing blame for the demise?  No one will be around to hear it and if they are that will surely not care…other fish to fry.

P.s  Trees and Bees are worth way more than money.  More on that soonish.❤️

One thought on “Wow…

  1. Oh my, SO GREAT to hear your voice again! We need to hear you right now! Your thoughtful, soulful, intelligent reflections on the events of this week. You hit it on the head, we are the walking wounded. and never forget it! xo

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