Time Flies

Well we all know this is true but maybe a better catch phrase is,  “Time can barrel on like a Mack Truck”?…   It is tough to jump off.


But the oldest and wisest of us know that we all need a rest stop.

All we need is a Rest Stop.

AND these are the opportunities to scrape yourself off of the windshield of your Life and rinse off and look around…

There are so many untold roads and won’t it be great to discover some for yourself?


As we careen down the highway of life there are so many back alleys unseen.  Too many sidetrips not taken.  We don’t know what we are missing…

Why do you always go the way you always have?  Go a different way and see how you feel.

I promise you there is tons of adventure out there for you!   Don’t sit in the back seat.


When your rubber hits the road do you know where you’re going?  Where you want to go?  That is the starting point on your map and the possibilities are endless!

In other words I did not take off on you but I did need to go blaze my trail…

( Cousin Sharon and Karen, is this what happened to your Mustang that made me love all Mustangs?  You drove barefoot!)