His Story. Also Hers’. And Ours’.

The Dark and Cold and Dry Winter both inside and out shoveled me into digging around this BIG old house.

My Grandfather built this home with the undeniable and immense effort of my Grandmother…

And his friends and his neighbors and surely some strangers too.

I found many many photographs.


They had spent the first years of their marriage in the City of Minneapolis and my Grandpa raked in some cash building the new highways…  Thank You,   Franklin D. Roosevelt!



She was 37 and a Roller Derby quality woman.  Trust me.  Frances the Riveter.   Grandpa was either brilliant or lucky or both.


As a family, She, He, and my Dad and his older brother Robert and his younger brother Orville gathered and piled at least 50 TONS of rock.  That is 50 piles of 1000 pounds.   At least.  This land was at the tip of the last Glacial advance.

Do you need rocks?  Get a truck and come on!  Here’s one pile…


This is where anything metal went when it was done;  this is metal Heaven.

I have always loved History.  Wait that is not true.  I began to be intrigued by different points of view of History when I attended a Woman’s History class at the Community College in Minneapolis when my son finally went to Kindergarten.  Then, I took Native American Art and History.  Then, I took African American Art and History.  You can see where this goes.


History is truly relative and biased by the storyteller.  It is not fake History but it is History from one perspective. Right?  No foul just know that Humans tell the story from their point of view.

And Sometimes they twist things to influence you.  Just Sayin’.

There is no doubt that Science shows us that the Earth has Its’ own cycles and a Billion year old history;  I can’t or couldn’t understand why some Humans don’t pick up on the reality of Science.


Why is Science such Witchcraft?

But the extremely biased and debatable History, which, if not completely true and if you were not there can you really be sure it is true,  is swallowed and revered and defended with awful words and fighting and guns and something called Collateral Damage.

Why should yesterday condemn today?

Can you Pleeeaase follow me into the Past and realize that unless you are actively seeking out information and facts and Science and also understanding that you are a beautiful biological Human Being with a brain that has been studied and studied and manipulated for persuasion and  $$profit$$ and power you are not living the life you were meant to live.  Flip your switch.

I think we have two choices:

One is to let it happen.  Everyone who is alive today will be DEAD in 100 years.

Just chill.  Keep on keepin, on.  Run on the hamster wheel of life.


Or:  We chime in and join in and step up and really swallow the state of affairs here and everywhere and your vote really matters. Screw Netflix (for now)…

Stop everything else.

But now the Vote is not enough,

Why is voting day on a Tuesday?

Do not be couched.  Do not be fooled.




This Land is My Land

This Land is Your Land

From California to the New York Island

from the Redwood forest, to the Gulf Stream Waters

This Land was made for you and me…









May Day! May Day!

This is a call for help.   It comes from the French, “M’ aider”.

In 1923 we as Humans learned to communicate via radio;  before radio all we had was S.O.S. in Morse Code.  Seriously MORSE CODE.

We need help.


Not from the outside but the inside.  I mean we need help to inspire the inside of our Human Humane souls.  I want to help.

While today was declared Loyalty Day by this President and was called this before only once in 1921, it is a day with a ton of History.

As a girl I made May baskets and loved and still love leaving treats for cherished ones to find…

may basket

I had no idea about the not fake History I want to share today.


As Europe became Christianized, the Pagan holidays lost their traditions and either became popular Secular celebrations or, were merged with, or replaced with, Christian holidays.



This thing really starts with a celebration of the Roman Goddess Floralia. 




The Ancient Roman Goddess of Flowers, Vegetation, and Fertility.

This is truly a cause to consider and also celebrate and cherish.  I will be working something up for next year!  Come and see!

An Awareness of the fragile Ecosystem seems kind of key to sustaining Human life.

Maybe? Not Maybe. Not Fake.

Placeholder Image

In 1921, and then also today the Government asked for loyalty and solidarity and patriotism.  It is ironic in that in 1921 everyone was very concerned with Russian influence here in America.  Please wake up.  :/

OOH I know you see the tangles and the crap but maybe also the jewels?

I am the Jewels.

There is no better time and/ or no better reason for you to get fussy and vocal.  Vote with your dollars.  This is NOT an unprecedented political environment but this time the Crossroads loom.   Even if it’s too late for the Earth it is NOT too late for you.   or me.