Yggdrasil: My Tree Story

I get all warm and flowy inside when I look at old Trees…  Like old Houses and old People and old Dogs they just exude Wisdom and History and Gentleness…

Turn your dial to hear it if you can’t.   It is there.

Back to my story that I just want to SHARE  with you and it has been with me for years…

For you I did more in depth research and thus,  if not for you , I would not be as twisty and bright as I am right now.     Thank You!


I have a very strong Nordic Heritage.  Back in the day the, ” Country”, was a line drawn on a piece of paper and the more I learn,  the more I realize that it was about Clans, and Tribes and Family traditions and stories and Communities…

Folklore sounds like a fairytale or does a Fairytale sound like Folklore?

They both sound like makebelieve,  but are they?

Snapping back to now I want to remind everyone that at one time it was all forest around here mostly and the tough settlers had to cut down trees and gather rocks in order to clear the field to plow.

In all Norse sources of traditions and beliefs you will find the story of the Yggdrasil.

This is a special Tree preserved in a new farm field for Good Luck and as a symbol of the connection between the Nine Worlds of the Norse Pagan Tradition.  Of which present day Earth is one.

If anyone is interested,  I would love to just discuss the Nine Worlds.  Not now. 🙂

These Trees were considered guardians and bringers of Luck.  I can see why.  What a cool symbol to pick!  A real old tree and let it stay?  Plant around it?  See it every day?  I love this.  I get this. It is not about Christianity vs. Paganism it is just about HOPE.

A symbol of HOPE.

As someone who has been dragged between hope and despair regarding my son’s mortality and making our way in the World and figuring out what Love is,  I totally get why stressed people choose hope.

Lottery tickets and fad diets and internet dating sites are modern day vessels of Hope.

My beloved Wisconsin was settled by many Nordic and Germanic people who were oppressed and/ or starving in their Homelands and they headed here…

That takes Bravery.

Also a reasonably open border.

Please note that this is about Trees and not Religion. (or Politics?)

It might be about Immigrants… We’ll see.

Because:   In my research I found strong evidence,  (I am nothing if not a stickler for cross-references),  that the Christian missionaries were instructed to destroy these Trees in those countries back in the day.  These Eternal Symbols.  These Entities that have lived one hundred years.  A threat to conversion is a threat to conversion.  Some things will never change.

I am not condemning.  Oftentimes we know not what the ramifications of what we do and ALSO it is difficult to go against the crowd.

I just think GOD likes Trees and Hope…  Just sayin’.

This one is mine.  We have two but this is my favorite.  I see it before my turn off the highway;  this Tree welcomes me home.

my ygg

This is the kind of old Oak tree one might tie a yellow ribbon around.

A Tony Orlando and Dawn reference I wonder who will remember?

Nevertheless my friends,  you can be sure that Trees deserve some reverence and worship.

They PRODUCE oxygen.  That stuff we need.

Besides the food for the many creatures they provide and the shade and protection from predators they provide and the fuel for humans to burn and material to build homes they provide,  these amazing creations produce oxygen! 

Thank God for Science.  Yep I said it.

tree rings


We learned as kids that you can figure out the age of a tree by counting its’ rings.  It needs to be chopped down by Man or Nature first but whatever.   Did you know that each ring is the light and the dark together?  Also, that the light part is the water record of the amount that the roots were able to glean that year and the dark is the food for the tree that the leaves were able to make through photosynthesis that year?

Dang.  Photosynthesis blows my mind.

Yes Virginia,  this is all going on all around us all day everyday.

So.  Since I have taken you down the nerd road look at this:

leaf cells

These. Are. Leaf Cells.

I don’t expect everyone to see what I see but I can’t NOT say that it comes down to this:

Trees can and will live without us and make no mistake they would surely do much better.  But WE cannot live without Trees.

Spring is here and new Life and Hope emerges.  The Yggdrssil is becoming a rare sight.  Be on the lookout or stop over and I will show you mine and take you to this magnificent old Gal a few miles East.  She’s a friend of mine.  I can introduce you! 🙂

48 ygg

I am blessed with the most beautiful 10 year old Niece inside and out.  She drew this just the other day while visiting me.  I think I may demand a Tree drawing from all who visit!

mari tree

May your roots be deep and strong and may you pass them on…  May your trunk be thick and bold and be brave enough to go against the crowd…  May your leaves be healthy and your crown shine brightly for all to see.  I am here doing my part; you do yours…








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