The Bucolic Plague

I am sitting here in my spot trying to record the mating Owls in the woods with my iPhone in the window so I can try to share with you and I am thinking that I need to step up my game.



If I truly want to infect you and anyone and everyone with the rural, the sky, the slow, the NATURE, and I really truly do,  I had better rock some better technology.  Yes?

Don’t think I won’t…

Nighttime has its’ noises.   The Wolves and Coyotes croon and yip and yap;  The Owls are loud when they need to be in order to make more Owls.  (wink)

The Morning is all the go getters.  The Woodpeckers and other wood peckers are all slamming into the dead wood having breakfast.  The chirpy flitty ones are at the feeder and chatting and wrestling for a spot.

My Mother knew all the names and had informed me many times.  I remember some, and I forget others.  I was sure there would be more time for me to learn.

I have her, “Birds of Wisconsin”,  book but I can’t or haven’t or won’t open it yet…

There are too many post it notes in there and private thoughts;  I am still not ready.

Why should I be ready? Who ever is?

It is Spring now on our Earth and our Earth needs brave people and fierce people to convince others that;  this planet will not sustain human life if we go as we are.  It won’t. IT WON’T.  ( the English language has always annoyed me;  how is will not made into won’t).  Whatever.

You can’t eat money.  Cash burns quickly.

All I want is to wake some cool people up.  All I want is to rattle some cages.  All I want is to try and also not give up.  I will never give up.  Why should we ever give up?

So, it is Saturday night now and on Sunday I will do the put off and the hard and the heartbreaking so I can mend and get back out on the Battlefield.  I will open that Bird book. I will do it for you!

We have to GO.  We work we write and blather on and on and chat and dance and sing and go go go!  Make it mean something.

Go and Do or Come and Be.

Challenge or Invitation take it as you will.

I can say please come help me make this land amazing;  I can say coming here and working with me will be a life-changing experience.  It is true and that would happen.

But I warn you that you will be infected with the love of the land and the love of the people who love the land.



I need help here.  I vote come and work and stay and play…

I promise you a formidable PLAY! 🙂






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