my eyes

Good Morning!  Good Day!

I am hailing you from rural Polk County, Wisconsin.

I am alone here although there are two other people in the house;  my 17 year old Autistic son and my Father who is 79 are here somewhere but have no desire to talk.

No one wants to play games or toss the ball around or have a dance party or play Scrabble or Cribbage.

It is probably a good thing because anyone who knows me understands that I am curious and enthusiastic and am nervously chattering even when relaxed.

I am jealous of their indifference!

I am excited by people like fans are of their favorite stars.  Who are you and what’s your story and where are you from and what do you love to do and the like….

A blessing and a curse I have learned. 🙂

Nevertheless,  I am here and putting my hand in for Hokey Pokey and I am ready to turn myself about…

I can’t not be me and that includes double negatives and run- on sentences.  :0

I have been in my dirty boots all week trying to fix the Barn windows.  I need to keep the birds out.  Speaking of birds the Eagles are having a feast on the thawed out roadkill along the county roads…

Best to eat breakfast before you hit the road.

It is my Walt week now and I am back and forth into the City.

There was a time awhile back that I did not notice the smell or the air quality.  Now I do.  BIG time.

But. People. The early mornings is really where the magic lives;  how can I implore you all to get up early and see for yourself?

If I don’t include a picture in my post it will be my eyeball.

The rub and irony is that I have suddenly been having trouble with my eyes.  I have reading and writing glasses now but it is not like it used to be glasses or not.  Don’t like it . Won’t except it.   Need to deny it.

Circle back around is this:  There are Humans somewhere that would think of your life and location as amazing;  your life would be their vacation.

The food you left on your plate would be their best meal in awhile.

You had better be grateful as Heck for all you have.  It can and could and likely will be pecked away…

Alright my Darlings!  Goodnight and I and We and Acres are here for your ideas and energy…







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