State of “AfFairies”

I was born a girl and while I did play Hot Wheels with my little Brother and enjoyed showing him how to build trails and jumps in the dirt,  and also,  how to construct a respectable garage out of twigs and leaves,  I also loved to draw and think about Unicorns…And Fairies.


Before I understood through Science the true and unmistakable Magic of this Earth and Universe,  I longed for those imaginary imaginings that could transport me from my backyard…


Leprechauns.  The Billy goat in the Gruff.  Puppet friends on Sesame Street and the Land of Make-Believe through a wonderful man named Mister Roger’s.  Oh how I loved the Trolley.

I don’t envy the children of today and truly my heart hurts that they aren’t protected from so much “Reality”.

I was thinking about how as a teen-aged parent I did have the state of mind to watch out for my boys and what they might see and experience.  I was blessed with a Mom who was a Kick-Ass Grandma and together she helped me re-create regular, and not insane homemade birthday parties and picnics and walks in the woods at the Nature Center in the City and also here at the Farm.  We did craft projects and read to each other and made homemade popcicles.

If you want to blow a kids’ mind make popcicles!    (Google it)

Sometimes manytimes  I can’t figure out how I am able to function without her.

And.  Yet I do. (sort of)   We all do.  Being “All Grown Up” is weird.

Agree?  We were all children once.

What I want to say today is:  I am here with my Dad and he has the News on whenever it is on.  It is gross.  I also read a lot.  The BBC News will have a much different take on things and I do know what is going on in Politics and why it makes the NEWS.  But it is not ALL there is.

I have to go dig in to my Gardening books to clean it out of my brain.  Or Art.  I have a Georgia O’Keefe book that will fix me every time.


Don’t grow up to be 79 and watch the news and think it is hopeless.  There is always Hope.

Nevertheless…Our job is to grow from where we are planted.  Do not let the toxic drama interfere with your destiny.

I know this for a fact:  One act of kindness inspires another.  One act of selflessness inspires another.  One Smile . One Hello.  I thank anyone wearing a name tag using their name because I mean it,  but also because it feels so great!

I have to try.







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