Mud, Sweat and Cheers?

I worked as hard as a Farm Girl should today.  That storm blew so many things everywhere…

I found the rain barrel in the North woods.  Chunks of siding and shingles from the Out Buildings strewn about!

That is an easy fix eventually but the whirly and spinning thing from the tippy top of the Barn blew off and I found it next to my Jeep with no clue what it was or where it came from…

whirly bird.JPG

So.  This morning I cooked some sausage to coax my Dad down to talk;  I really don’t want to bug or alarm him unless I know for sure I should…

Like when the Septic backed up.  😦

At the Farm, the Septic tank is where the bathroom stuff goes…

Anyway,  he was super bummed to realize that now the Barn has a pizza- sized hole in the roof.  He is 79.  I am a girl.

I had already loaded the Pickup with the cardboard, plastic, and glass recycling;  in the City you can haul it out with the trash but not in the Country…  They have spots to bring it in Cumberland.  We had errands to run!


Yep  He parks his Truck next to his Tractor…My Dad is badass you don’t even know!

I let him brainstorm while I rode along.  The Maple trees are running sap now and the Sappers are scrambling…  Fun to watch…bags on trees everywhere!

Did you know that a Maple Tree wants above 32 degree days and below 32 degree nights to give sap the way the Sappers want and need?  Did you know that it takes 40 gallons sap to make one gallon of syrup?

Don’t tell but I would say this was one of the best days with my Dad I ever experienced.

We went to the Dollar Store and his Pharmacy, and he picked up cigarettes at the gas station,  ( these are nasty things that people get hooked on and if you are ever offered one please run away.)

We wrestled the recycling in the wind and I found three wooden pallets propped up that I grabbed and strained really hard to get in the truck…  He acted like he was busy. 😉

I knew and have known, and you know that cleaning out the Barn is so in My face.

This Barn has seen better days people.

barn now



I have been wanting pallets!

Got the pallets, checked the tires for air and on our way back to the Farm we go…

I am reminded of the cool TREE story I promised… I wont forget but I do need good pics, and I swear you will love it.

His idea is to haul some big tubs up in the Barn to catch the rain from the pizza-sized hole in the roof.  I can only think that I am not letting him haul anything anywhere…

And I am sure he is worried about me climbing up on the roof of my beloved Barn.

Here is my braggy bit… I did haul all the tubs up the rickety ladder at 40 something years old and tried to position them under the hole in the roof.   Then somehow the new pallets I snagged inspired me to shuffle the main level around too.

To move or pick up or dispose of anything in here requires a respiratory mask…Bat poop has a fungus.  Two dead birds and one dead bat.. this is Farm girl Shit people.  ( Pun intended.)


But look what I found!  It is an old tiller and it might work!  A hopeful reward for a worky dirty day!  Shower time!

I really have never complained about the Asian Lady Bugs that most of you would find disturbing to find in the butter dish every morning…They look like American Lady Bugs.

BUT they want to get in the house in the Fall and many do and then they just wander out one by one…   My hair is long and when I washed it,  Two fell out.. WHAT?   IT is still worth it.  I am into this.  🙂







One thought on “Mud, Sweat and Cheers?

  1. Sounds like the beginning of a kids’ song – There’s a ladybug in my hair, clap your hands! (clap clap)…wow I will say, you will not get bored at the farm. Have you ever toured Anderson’s maple syrup business down the street? It is awesome and worth a visit. There is NOTHING like real maple syrup. Good luck on the pizza size hole.


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