Spring has Sprung!

I remember way back in December when my friend and I were sad.

We don’t love Winter because it’s cold and it’s dark and we feel bad!

Wait!  I said.  It’s only 90 days,  and we will get through it!

He said,  “Your math is wrong and you’re off quite a bit.”

I insisted I knew that come Wind, Cold and Snow,

March 1st is almost the time to sow, plant, and hoe.

We need these seasons for very good reasons;

The Cycle of Life must continue…

The Earth decides,  not He, You, nor I.

Jules was right!  She would not lie!

Meteorological Spring is here!


( My cousin Christine is an Excellent Rhymer,  the years of her crafted Holiday letters a wonderful Primer…)

I had cute pictures that just wouldn’t load…wanted to toss the iPad down the road!  :/

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