my eyes

Good Morning!  Good Day!

I am hailing you from rural Polk County, Wisconsin.

I am alone here although there are two other people in the house;  my 17 year old Autistic son and my Father who is 79 are here somewhere but have no desire to talk.

No one wants to play games or toss the ball around or have a dance party or play Scrabble or Cribbage.

It is probably a good thing because anyone who knows me understands that I am curious and enthusiastic and am nervously chattering even when relaxed.

I am jealous of their indifference!

I am excited by people like fans are of their favorite stars.  Who are you and what’s your story and where are you from and what do you love to do and the like….

A blessing and a curse I have learned. 🙂

Nevertheless,  I am here and putting my hand in for Hokey Pokey and I am ready to turn myself about…

I can’t not be me and that includes double negatives and run- on sentences.  :0

I have been in my dirty boots all week trying to fix the Barn windows.  I need to keep the birds out.  Speaking of birds the Eagles are having a feast on the thawed out roadkill along the county roads…

Best to eat breakfast before you hit the road.

It is my Walt week now and I am back and forth into the City.

There was a time awhile back that I did not notice the smell or the air quality.  Now I do.  BIG time.

But. People. The early mornings is really where the magic lives;  how can I implore you all to get up early and see for yourself?

If I don’t include a picture in my post it will be my eyeball.

The rub and irony is that I have suddenly been having trouble with my eyes.  I have reading and writing glasses now but it is not like it used to be glasses or not.  Don’t like it . Won’t except it.   Need to deny it.

Circle back around is this:  There are Humans somewhere that would think of your life and location as amazing;  your life would be their vacation.

The food you left on your plate would be their best meal in awhile.

You had better be grateful as Heck for all you have.  It can and could and likely will be pecked away…

Alright my Darlings!  Goodnight and I and We and Acres are here for your ideas and energy…







State of “AfFairies”

I was born a girl and while I did play Hot Wheels with my little Brother and enjoyed showing him how to build trails and jumps in the dirt,  and also,  how to construct a respectable garage out of twigs and leaves,  I also loved to draw and think about Unicorns…And Fairies.


Before I understood through Science the true and unmistakable Magic of this Earth and Universe,  I longed for those imaginary imaginings that could transport me from my backyard…


Leprechauns.  The Billy goat in the Gruff.  Puppet friends on Sesame Street and the Land of Make-Believe through a wonderful man named Mister Roger’s.  Oh how I loved the Trolley.

I don’t envy the children of today and truly my heart hurts that they aren’t protected from so much “Reality”.

I was thinking about how as a teen-aged parent I did have the state of mind to watch out for my boys and what they might see and experience.  I was blessed with a Mom who was a Kick-Ass Grandma and together she helped me re-create regular, and not insane homemade birthday parties and picnics and walks in the woods at the Nature Center in the City and also here at the Farm.  We did craft projects and read to each other and made homemade popcicles.

If you want to blow a kids’ mind make popcicles!    (Google it)

Sometimes manytimes  I can’t figure out how I am able to function without her.

And.  Yet I do. (sort of)   We all do.  Being “All Grown Up” is weird.

Agree?  We were all children once.

What I want to say today is:  I am here with my Dad and he has the News on whenever it is on.  It is gross.  I also read a lot.  The BBC News will have a much different take on things and I do know what is going on in Politics and why it makes the NEWS.  But it is not ALL there is.

I have to go dig in to my Gardening books to clean it out of my brain.  Or Art.  I have a Georgia O’Keefe book that will fix me every time.


Don’t grow up to be 79 and watch the news and think it is hopeless.  There is always Hope.

Nevertheless…Our job is to grow from where we are planted.  Do not let the toxic drama interfere with your destiny.

I know this for a fact:  One act of kindness inspires another.  One act of selflessness inspires another.  One Smile . One Hello.  I thank anyone wearing a name tag using their name because I mean it,  but also because it feels so great!

I have to try.







An Irish Blessing….

May the road rise to meet you,

May the wind be always at your back,

May the Sun shine warm upon your face,

The rains fall soft upon your fields, 

And until we meet again, 

May Love hold you in the palm of Her hand.
May Love be with you and Bless you,

May you see your children’s children.

May you be poor in misfortune,

Rich in blessings,

May you know nothing but happiness, 

From this day forward…
May the road rise up to meet you,

May the wind be always at your back,

May the warm rays of Sun fall upon your home,

And may the hand of a friend always be near.
May green be the grass you walk on,

May blue be the skies above you,

May pure be the joys that surround you,

May true be the hearts that love you.
We are one Earth.  Bless each other…

Mud, Sweat and Cheers?

I worked as hard as a Farm Girl should today.  That storm blew so many things everywhere…

I found the rain barrel in the North woods.  Chunks of siding and shingles from the Out Buildings strewn about!

That is an easy fix eventually but the whirly and spinning thing from the tippy top of the Barn blew off and I found it next to my Jeep with no clue what it was or where it came from…

whirly bird.JPG

So.  This morning I cooked some sausage to coax my Dad down to talk;  I really don’t want to bug or alarm him unless I know for sure I should…

Like when the Septic backed up.  😦

At the Farm, the Septic tank is where the bathroom stuff goes…

Anyway,  he was super bummed to realize that now the Barn has a pizza- sized hole in the roof.  He is 79.  I am a girl.

I had already loaded the Pickup with the cardboard, plastic, and glass recycling;  in the City you can haul it out with the trash but not in the Country…  They have spots to bring it in Cumberland.  We had errands to run!


Yep  He parks his Truck next to his Tractor…My Dad is badass you don’t even know!

I let him brainstorm while I rode along.  The Maple trees are running sap now and the Sappers are scrambling…  Fun to watch…bags on trees everywhere!

Did you know that a Maple Tree wants above 32 degree days and below 32 degree nights to give sap the way the Sappers want and need?  Did you know that it takes 40 gallons sap to make one gallon of syrup?

Don’t tell but I would say this was one of the best days with my Dad I ever experienced.

We went to the Dollar Store and his Pharmacy, and he picked up cigarettes at the gas station,  ( these are nasty things that people get hooked on and if you are ever offered one please run away.)

We wrestled the recycling in the wind and I found three wooden pallets propped up that I grabbed and strained really hard to get in the truck…  He acted like he was busy. 😉

I knew and have known, and you know that cleaning out the Barn is so in My face.

This Barn has seen better days people.

barn now



I have been wanting pallets!

Got the pallets, checked the tires for air and on our way back to the Farm we go…

I am reminded of the cool TREE story I promised… I wont forget but I do need good pics, and I swear you will love it.

His idea is to haul some big tubs up in the Barn to catch the rain from the pizza-sized hole in the roof.  I can only think that I am not letting him haul anything anywhere…

And I am sure he is worried about me climbing up on the roof of my beloved Barn.

Here is my braggy bit… I did haul all the tubs up the rickety ladder at 40 something years old and tried to position them under the hole in the roof.   Then somehow the new pallets I snagged inspired me to shuffle the main level around too.

To move or pick up or dispose of anything in here requires a respiratory mask…Bat poop has a fungus.  Two dead birds and one dead bat.. this is Farm girl Shit people.  ( Pun intended.)


But look what I found!  It is an old tiller and it might work!  A hopeful reward for a worky dirty day!  Shower time!

I really have never complained about the Asian Lady Bugs that most of you would find disturbing to find in the butter dish every morning…They look like American Lady Bugs.

BUT they want to get in the house in the Fall and many do and then they just wander out one by one…   My hair is long and when I washed it,  Two fell out.. WHAT?   IT is still worth it.  I am into this.  🙂







Big Storm Coming!

I have had a very productive weekend and will blab about that in a minute…

This this the current radar pic I downloaded (sometimes the laptop cooperates!)


This Farm is near that Shell Lake spot…It would be so wonderful if I had bought that generator I want last week.

On the Farm when the power goes out the water doesn’t work and toilets can’t flush.


This is the earliest or almost earliest Tornado Warnings we have had since they started recording.

So.  Instead of picking away at the maybe climate change thing,  I will let you meet my Grandpa!

alJohan Alfred was born on March 13th, 1899, in Benson, MN.  His parents were immigrants from Norway.

He died here on his farm after getting dressed and leaving his wallet on the kitchen table but not his Driver’s License,  locking up the house, and he started walking up the road to the neighbor’s house.  On the morning of August 10, 1988.  They found him laying on the gravel road and he was gone.

My dream is that he experienced a peaceful knowing and without fear walked out to meet his maker;   a sunny day with big clouds and some wind and birds singing a familiar song.


I have been so soberly focusing and reading and researching about making this a real Organic Farm.    It is so much to take in and my eyes have suddenly lost their ability to adjust focus and I hate my new glasses… ;(

Well I took some time out to have Breakfast with the only Aunt I have left and my very cool cousins from my Mother’s side.

My Mom is one of three sister’s and whoa they were close.  We lost Aunt Betty and Mom in the same year and my Aunt Linda had just beaten Breast Cancer…

Betty’s kids are Sharon, Karen, and Barry and I was so glad to be invited to breakfast.  They are a tight knit bunch so I will work to worm my way in there too.

I have decided that this is the year of my cousins.

I have East Coast peeps I haven’t seen in a Coons’ age but I can remedy that eventually!

So.  The tornado is coming and you all know what happens at the end of the Wizard of OZ?

Dorothy figures out how lucky she is to have a family… and her little dog too!


Spring has Sprung!

I remember way back in December when my friend and I were sad.

We don’t love Winter because it’s cold and it’s dark and we feel bad!

Wait!  I said.  It’s only 90 days,  and we will get through it!

He said,  “Your math is wrong and you’re off quite a bit.”

I insisted I knew that come Wind, Cold and Snow,

March 1st is almost the time to sow, plant, and hoe.

We need these seasons for very good reasons;

The Cycle of Life must continue…

The Earth decides,  not He, You, nor I.

Jules was right!  She would not lie!

Meteorological Spring is here!


( My cousin Christine is an Excellent Rhymer,  the years of her crafted Holiday letters a wonderful Primer…)

I had cute pictures that just wouldn’t load…wanted to toss the iPad down the road!  :/