Is it Monday?

I slept all day yesterday!

I lived the most transformative three or so days while fighting off a cold and so needed to sleeeep.

I was so High after the Moses Organic Farming Conference and all the adrenaline and the doors and windows flying open in my head and heart ;  I also enjoyed the most beautiful drive up Highway 53 on my way home.


Like.  I could not believe that after all the tickling information and unexpected metamorphosis that I got to enjoy that gorgeous landscape art all the way home…

It was seriously like driving through one Christmas Card after another around every curve!

This pic is lame from my phone and driving. 😦   just trust me.

Blessings truly surround us all.  Just LOOK!   (or,  listen or,  just make eye contact with a stranger and smile.)  It’s fun to see how they react.

Learning to be alone and feel so so happy and not have to call or text someone to share it that instant is what I think ZEN means.  ” Life is what happens while you are taking pictures of it and posting it and tweeting it.”  A bloke names John Lennon said something like that once.  🙂


But. I also know I have you and so like a News Reporter I am taking it all in and sifting through and finding my story.

I tend to enjoy driving in silence when I know I had better contemplate.  The NEWS rarely informs me of anything I can use but I do love non- fiction audio books for long trips.  I have a library card. I have taken many long drives to Bismarck, ND.  Yep you heard me.

Besides my Beekeeping class,  I did a Mushroom class and a Soil CPR class which is about restoring health to old fields like the ones that surround me…

I am in love with Bees but I still prefer Dogs…


The last class before I left was all about Herbs.  Growing and eating and selling, but, also  intriguingly about the History of their medicinal uses and in the most common sense kind of way, the science of adding them to our bodies for true health from the inside.  Tinctures, Teas, Salves… Supporting the body to heal itself.  It isn’t crazy to think that it is possible.; It is crazy to think it is not. (insert bomb sound here).

So I am driving through Eau Claire and it is not as lovely and I have organized my thoughts to my satisfaction and have a tentative game plan for convincing my Dad that I left the farm Wednesday as a Garden Designer and Lakeshore Restoration Specialist and I have returned a FARMER.  Do they make Pink Tractors?  JK


My son,  Walt likes Bruce Springsteen.  Just his new stuff.  He is Autistic and likes what he likes and is always ruining CD’s.  So I peruse the used CD’s when I am out thrifting with my uncle Orville.  You will meet Orv later.


SO.   I remember that under the seat is the sack of CD’s and one of which is Prince’s Purple Rain…I couldn’t not buy it.  I loved him in high school.  He is from my hometown.  I have been in the same room as him many times.  His death disturbed me.  I did not run to Paisley Park or listen to his music.  It gave me a sick feeling.  This extremely talented and generous and loving and unique man died from little white pills made in a laboratory.


More people die every year from legal prescription drugs than illegal drugs. Google it

You can be sure I will talking more about Medicinal Herbs here soon!

After his hip surgeries Prince had so much pain.  He did so much in those high heels and I am sad he is gone.  I made this in like 1986.


But. I am new now. But now I am Brave.  Can’t hide from scary stuff right?

I am not the nervous insecure girl driving around Lake Calhoun jamming to Purple Rain in the 80’s  and wondering what will become of me; I know who I am and where I am going.


From Eau Claire to Cumberland I sang along with him and remembered every word.

I need a sound system in the Barn!

p.s. tree story still on deck soon



ALSO.  THIS HAPPENED.  Grandma with Orv close and my Dad behind. Maybe 1943. I Don’t know the cow,s name but there are more in the front yard!   Part of me is like what??  and part of me is like oh cool!!

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