Time for Business!

So we all know the bubbling soup I have been swimming in…

Learning and thinking and feeling…and learning.

Meet Lacrosse!  I signed up for the MOSES Conference back in December. Thankfully I did it just before the rug was pulled out from under me.


Cryptic yes but soulful people can imagine…

Anyway,  my JOB is to develop a Farm.  A Work, Stay, and Play,  Farm because I don’t have six kids and I am for sure not 21.

I am here in Lacrosse, Wisconsin attending the biggest Organic Farming Conference in the World.  People from all over come year after year to learn and connect.

Regular Folks do not understand that Organic Farming Science is all grassroots.

No giant Corporation funds it or persuades it or alters it.  It was a Gorgeous environment today.


I need to give a shout out to my uncle Orville for funding my tuition…And also my friend Jay who took me places I always wanted to go and made me realize I can do it on my own.

Wisconsin has many delightful little towns…  This one is larger than most due to the Mississippi River that has really been a major player in many towns and cities.


Thursday is today and I did 8 hours of Beekeeping deliciousness with a chemical free attitude based on Science that no one has funded.  It is not newsworthy.

We will talk about the news later.

One thing Trump has right is that media is a business  , just like Soap Operas and/ or Dr. Oz, and Dr.Phil,  and the well- planned out things that we are fed in the Doctor wait rooms and the gas stations and I seriously watched the Inauguration in the chilling room of Harmon Auto Glass.  Walt had messed up another windshield.

Any way I am here doing farming  stuff because I have been serious all along..

Today was about Bees but tomorrow and Saturday I will dig into Business and Soil Science.

I have a room to myself and the computer wants to fight…

I got you soon. here is some pics…


you have no clue how key the HoneyBees are….  you will soon.

Every CHUNK of NATURE around you is KEY to Human Survival.

Do not screw around. 🙂

you are Nature.  I am Nature.  we are Nature.






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