Dear Reader. Dear Friend. Dear Human.

I do still have a great tree story to share and I will soon but this is this:

I have friends and family that I LOVE.. Drop it all no questions asked kind of Love.

Not many but the ones that are in that Group are In. In!

I met an amazing woman a few weeks ago who asked me to consider writing for the local paper.  She is the Editor.   I did consider it but my Walt reality stops any idea of being reliable or timely for anything.  I am thankful that He will make me build my own business and likely employ disabled people.  Anywaysss.

Editor Lynda and I had such a great time talking and sharing and I am admiring her every second we talked and laughed and I remember why I have always wanted a sister

We did the back and forth text stuff and I lost touch with her over her busy paper publishing days in the last two weeks but I kept bugging and finally she told me that her Horse of 27 years had died and she layed in the pasture with him until he passed… She did that and I fell in love with this human, soulful, woman.

Wouldn’t  you?


My darling tiny friend from High school Lori has an elderly father who was vibrant and sassy and bossy until he wasn’t…

He was an 89 year old man and lived and lived but as a Daughter you have no idea what losing your Dad is all about. For her this was at Monday at 5 am.  She is all grown up now.   Her mom passed years ago..


My super gorgeous friend Amber lost her Father -in Law on Sunday…

Her Husband Andrew is one of the best Men I have ever known.

How do we comfort people in these situations?

So. Do I say live EACH day as it may be your last?

Do I say remember to tell the ones you love that you so totally LOVE them?

Well..  I toddled in to my Dads’ room to say something sweet and he acted like I told him he had a booger in his nose. Seriously.


The late night chat here is this;  we should take nothing for granted…

Never miss an opportunity to express Love.  Even if they make a FACE   Be Brave.

I think the ones who sneer, (my Dad),  need it the most.

He won’t let me love him.. Can’t say it. Can’t show it. Maybe I can clean his bathroom or buy him windshield wipers…or bring him a donut or a newspaper.

My heart tonight is really with those who have lost ones they love..

Remember it is Ok to let people love you while you are alive.

p,s I touched a real Wolf. 🙂


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