Today is a big deal because she is my first.  You never forget your first…  🙂


She took the time to comment on my post and I bet she thought about it a bit before doing it.  I would.  I have.

My beautiful cousin Christine has commented, and my dear friend Amber has commented, and they maybe don’t know how much it meant to me but they do now…

I have no idea how to respond on my laptop to comments yet but Angelina has inspired me to learn.

My email is on my Contact page and I put it there so I am not hidden and anonymous.

I have learned that I am an Introvert and people can make me anxious but in this way it is lovely… I am wiser and older than I would ever admit and I may give good listening;  I might be a person who could just be here.  I would do my best.  I can get mad busy with my boy and my Farm but patience is always a great exercise right?

That is like the THING.  Patience and Tolerance.  These are gifts you give yourself.  It’s not about them its about you… That forgiveness stuff is in there too but much easier for me to swallow if I lump it in. :/


I have decided to replace one Giant Love Export to many Smaller Love Exports…

So.  Get in line but…Angelina will always be my first.  Thank you Angelina. 😀

P.S.    You will flip out when I tell you about my research on Valentine’s Day.

2 thoughts on “Angelina

  1. Thank you Julianne! Your post brought me to tears. I’m a very shy person and I had no idea my comment would make such an impact today. You have a beautiful gift for writing and you just inspired me. 🙂 Can’t wait to see your next story!


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