Tonight was the Fireworks display over Big Butternut Lake…


Big is truly relative.  So many words are relative. Just like Ideas and Opinions.

A town called Luck.


My son Walter is in a Skills Development program in the big city…They want to do an opinion program.  Hmmm. There are many cool things we can learn from the Autistic.  I won’t dig into this now but I will later…

walt can hat.jpg

For Me this is about sharing and opening up.  This is NEW for me.  I wasn’t Head Cheerleader or Homecoming Queen.  Meaning:  the Social web of, “I want you to like me, will you?”, psychology was lost on me.  So I will just say what I say…  I want that to be O.k..

Just know that it comes from a desire for a peaceful, tolerant, cooperative relationship.

The truth is that I have a deep raw wound I am trying Heal.  I have to face it and scrub it out or else it can get infected…I don’t want that.

Anyway, this is a picture of my bedroom window… I will be O.K. 😉


This is a picture of the Barn when It was Young and Beautiful… It is not the Christy Brinkley of barns.

old-red-barnI want to share another chunk of the William Blake Poem from yesterday…

“…Man was Made for Joy and Woe

and when This we Rightly Know

Through the World we Safely go…”


We are all truly blessed with this experience.

I need a puppy real bad.


One thought on “Luck

  1. That was a beautiful story! I found your blog through a friend when I was going through a rough patch in Jan. I am from MN also. Your stories have uplifted my spirits. I’m sorry that you have a wound you are trying to heal. I have one too. 😦 Maybe we can share our stories sometime. 🙂

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