The Snow Moon and the Winter Carnival…

“Carnival”,  is a stretch for this City Girl but the small town 14 miles west of my Farm is called Luck.  So cute.

It is not a huge affair, but just a charming,  soulful,  gathering of locals and one or two wannabes, (me).  Here is the Ice Castle.


There was an Ice Castle lighting ceremony that coincided with a Flag retirement.

When the American Flag that you have, or anyone has, or some Library, or any other Institution has used it and it has seen better days, it is proper to dispose of it in a special way.

My Grandfather Edgar and my Uncle Bob both were enlisted in World War II.  Both were in the Navy.

The National Guard were on hand to respectfully fold and salute and ceremoniously burn these old tattered and torn Flags…

I was initially there to network and hang out and chat and blend in but I was really taken aback by the Pomp and Circumstance.

I stopped with the snapshots and looked at the fire.  Fire is so beautiful when you want it to be there.

Combustion is on the list of things that BLOW my mind.

Dinosaurs and Gravity and Photosynthesis are also on that list…

All types of political opinions are represented in this town;  for sure it is more politically diverse than racially diverse.  But we all stood together by the fire.

I personally was awestruck with the history and symbolism of this fabric.

The United States of America,

Not really united lately and maybe not ever…

We will never all look alike, love alike, or worship alike but we could Unite in Tolerance.  The world IS round.

This beautiful Earth and the ALL the souls who call it home seem to have taken a backseat to money, greed, politics and power…

But!!  Springtime is just around the corner.  I am planning the garden and I will start oodles of seeds soon.  My Mother Earth wants me to focus on growing plants and my Self.



Bliss doesn’t just happen;  you have to be its’  Architect

Art and Music are something to be Cherished. CHERISHED!

William Blake.  American Poet.  Just the first few lines of a poem I love:

For you.  I might know you and I might not.  But I Love You. 🙂

Auguries of Innocence by William Blake

“To see a World in a Grain of Sand

And Heaven in a Wild Flower

Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand

And Eternity in an Hour”…

Take nothing for granted people…especially Love.


One thought on “The Snow Moon and the Winter Carnival…

  1. Love this post so much! I hear the reverence and awe in your voice – I share that with you. Dad called himself a Great American Patriot. Partially in jest (this is where a Great American Patriot used to ride his bike in St. Louis Park, etc. Did you know he grew up there and graduated HS there? But I digress.), and partially for real. Because while he was a fierce Minnesota Democrat, he was first and foremost an American. He loved our country deeply. And would not speak disparagingly about the other side. He had so much respect for the President, no matter who was in office. I wonder what he would think if he were alive today? And isn’t your dad a veteran? For some reason I thought he was. And I love the poem you shared. A quote from the minister who married us: “We don’t have to like each other, but we do have to love each other.” Yes! That is why we are here.
    We hope to see you soon! Get those seeds going, Spring is coming!


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