It’s more than a game. Way more.


Whether you are into football or not, there is absolutely nothing like watching a Green Bay Packers game in a small tavern in Wisconsin…

Here in Polk County there is a little place called Ben’s Northern Bar.  It’s tiny; like twelve bar stools and a few tables but on game day it’s totally packed and standing room only with mostly men of all ages all dressed in their Packer gear; I mean caps and hats, shirts and jackets and belt buckles, and a few women in tight t-shirts and big jerseys and ponchos with glittered beer cozies.

Someone brings a Crock pot of Brats and someone brings chips and dips and I made a huge batch of Chex mix the old-fashioned way. (Oven not Microwave) It’s like a fun family party.  It is a party and you are family.

The game means so much to everyone  It’s a Team that is owned by the fans.  They yell and scream at the TV and moan and groan but when the Packers score, everyone is up and jumping and high-fiving and hugging.

It’s a great little place and they learn your name and favorite beverage quickly and never forget it.

So when you are cruising down Main Street in Luck, Wisconsin you better stop in for one.

Just Another Morning for Mother Earth

It is easy to describe a sunrise on the Farm…For a great experience,  get bundled up while it is still night and sneak outside while it’s dark and the stars are hanging around.  You can almost touch them.

The Earth doesn’t know it’s New Years Day and if it did it wouldn’t care at all.

The night air is so fresh and nothing but the Owls are awake being disturbed with their bedtime snack by the crunch of crisp snow under my boots…I’m not gonna tippy toe; I live here too.

I’m a girl who loves and loves boots!  But that’s another story.  #bootfetish

I kind of have a trail I take around the property; surveying this broken branch and this frozen mushroom and oh my goodness what huge thing made those tracks in the snow?

No matter what it is,  they smell you before you hear or see them. Remember that.

It’s the wandering and the breathing deep that is the medicine.  That pure air is going deep inside you into your lungs into your blood into your brain….

Can’t be in a bad mood with all that going on.

I have hidden sit spots all over: rocks, tree trunks, benches, steps, and once I made it to the top of the Silo but it took too many prayers to get back down. :\

But.  When it’s time,  please stop and imagine the Earth moving under you.  The Sun doesn’t move, we do.

One by one the stars go out and the Light comes…

My glorious day begins;  everyday is different, everyday the work is never done.

But if we can start the day in peace and feeling humbleness and gratitude, everything feels abundant.

Today I want for nothing.  😉



Newest New Year!

Well I had the Best New Year’s Eve ever!  The tears and  fears have disappeared and in their place were fireworks in the middle of a frozen lake with some cool people and my son.  My boy Walt fit on the sled and with some noise reducing headphones and he was fine…he is autistic and doesn’t love loudness and also has some walking issues so Mommy made a plan and it went great.

The cool thing about winter fireworks is you can start them early; you can blow the kid’s minds and put them to bed…

I wanted to see the sunrise instead of the ball drop so I cuddled in with the kid to watch Shrek and fell asleep before he did.

I don’t love screamy, sweaty bars on any night and NYE is always the worst.  But in 2012 I got to see Ike Reilly at the House of Blues in Chicago and that was totally worth staying up for…

So. Anyway.  Polk County has over 400 lakes and half of them don’t have names!!  It’s the final frontier people!  Come visit!