Greetings!  I hope you had a proper Sunday…

Sunday is the day to chill and do what your heart needs…

First,  I will start by saying I am not willing to take the time right now to figure out fonts and size etc..  I could have been eaten by a Python snake faster than I got through my last post.

I have been as busy as a friendly tornado but still I feel like the kid who has been ordered to go clean her room and,  in my case,   I find myself drawing Unicorns with I Love Lucy playing in the background on a tiny old black and white television sitting on an ratty bar stool getting nothing done…

Speaking of old there really is no way to make you really feel the pile of things in front of me.  Lifting things with your arms is different from lifting things with your brain!

It’s not a hoarding type pile but it is a, “There might be another Depression”, pile. PILE!

I will say that he might not be wrong but even still, mouse pee is mouse pee.(right?)

I woke Dad up from his early nap and he explained how to fix my electric issue with the Garden Bunkhouse from the other day while keeping one eye on Judge Judy…I have to admit she is special.  So is He. 🙂

So,  with the Garden shed/ future Bunkhouse underway,  I have turned some attention to this cool old actual house that was built for a WWI veteran who owned 40 acres north of here and my Grandpa bought the land and house when the Vet passed and hauled it down here…img_4198

So.  Is this not a future cabin?  There is already a spot in the middle ready for a modern wood stove…(rustic doesn’t have to mean risky).  Needs a fresh shingling after that is installed and this foundation corner WILL be fixed before anyone gets a good nights sleep.  I really have lots of ideas about this building. img_4217

Again. Filled with jewels and junk.  Mostly junk but I have to take it easy so my Dad doesn’t get nervous.img_4199


You might need that someday.  It might be worth something sometime.  Just put it up in the barn until we decide…

So you come up and let’s paint this and count the Eagles and Deer and Pheasants.

Socks outside of your pants and you are safe from the random wood tick. I promise. 🙂

It has not been smooth sailing with my Dad ever since I turned 11 but we are easing into a more adult relationship.  He has facial hair now, (something I never ever saw until lately),  and I wake up early and actually do stuff…

Also,  I can make Hot Food…  🙂  My Mother passed almost two years ago and he can do a potato in the microwave and toast with a chunk of Spam to keep alive along with the Protein shakes and V8 and Prune juice I keep stocked in the fridge but I know how to grill meat outside.  He does not.  How cute is that?

Now to the cool part… I came in and put on my Green Bay Packers jammies and tried to figure out this new smart T.V.

Soil Science = Computer Technology.     NOPE

I’m as bored as you now so LISTEN.  I have not laughed so hard I cried in sooo long.

In my actually easy project to connect the new television to the Internets,  I stumbled onto the Seinfeld bloopers and had a lovely time and THEN it took me to Comedians in Cars getting Coffee.  It’s on http://www.crackle.com.  I now know what the phrase, “Tickled Pink”, means…  Pink is good.

I don’t know what you like or don’t like or what you think is funny or really worth taking your overalls off for and just be…

We all have so much to do and places to go and people who need this or that but I seriously sneaked in this chunk of weekend to be entertained and I really needed it.

You go get yours…  I am here if you need me.


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