Where do I Start?

“Oh my Goodness”,  is what my Grandma used to say… I have been taking a close look at and in everything around here. It’s not pretty but it’s so darn beautiful.  Right now it’s quiet and crisp and nothing stinks… With only myself to consult and just getting used to the sound of my own opinion,  I have created my game plan which will likely need adjustments but here we go: img_4196 First I clean out any, (so much), garbage and non-garden related tools and put only garden tools and ingredients in here. You can see what I’m up against.? img_4197 One day this would make a neat bunkhouse. I will find new windows and screens. It used to be a Milk House. There is a cement hole with a lid to keep the milk cool. My Grandpa had his own cows for awhile and then just rented the field and barn to a neighbor Cow man.
Did you know that cows can live 40 years if we allowed them to?
Anyways the electric is patchy so that’s important and I will work around my Dad’s nap schedule and we can figure that out. My first priority has to be preparing to build the vegetable garden. My Grandma was a simpler farmer gardener and the plot looked like this… img_4155 My Mom was more of a Martha Stewart wannabe and had my Dad do this. img_4206 My first desire was to rip it out and return it to the way it was, but now I can see that it is only me working here right now so I best leave it this season and evaluate it for the future Berry Orchard.
Have you ever heard of Gooseberries?
I hope one day I can wander out here in my 70’s with lavender tinted hair and eat raspberries and strawberries and gooseberries mmmmmm.   I hope I have someone to share with… img_4201 Inside this fence are shrubs and perennials I can dig up and move up by the deck. I need to wash and sand and paint the deck before I redo the Landscape Design around it right? img_4224 AND. Because I am a Lakeshore Restoration Specialist, I need to start my Native Plant Nursery to supply my business…OH SO exciting and head spinning!
This writing really helps me think and focus and I don’t feel as all alone…I do hope one day you will visit. 🙂 Until then just send some positive vibes!

3 thoughts on “Where do I Start?

  1. Ooh, bunkhouse! Great idea! I could totally see you having retreats there! People coming up from The Cities, to get back to nature, learn about gardening and living off the land.
    I remember when it was a milkhouse! and making forts with hay bales in the hayloft.


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