It’s not all about me…

I tripped into a pot hole this weekend and crawled out feeling more serious about my plans…img_2107

I feel like I am truly figuring out what to do here on my own and learning to trust my education and instincts.img_3965

Tonight or this morning,  take a moment and think about where you would want to be, and with whom, and doing what…   How long will you wait and why? img_2108

Don’t wait for anything.  Talk to me I will give you what you need to dig deep…

I have had a long day… I said goodbye to an old friend and the Packers lost…

BUT life goes on.  It does. With or without you. But that is how it is supposed to be.  Rock this day people!  And then rock the next…This is my Sucker Creek.  Come see 🙂img_3933


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