another day in Muddapolis

There are so many things I love about Minneapolis! (but super muddy today)

If you ever visit go to:  The top of the Foshay tower,  check out the Twins stadium (you don’t need a ticket),  The Walker Sculpture garden,  The Minneapolis Institute of Art,  walk the Stone Arch Bridge and check out St. Anthony Main Street.  You also HAVE to check out the Minnehaha Falls and take a ride around The Lakes.  On some summer nights the River Rats Waterski team practices on the river (human pyramids and stuff).  All throughout the city is a Greenway and you can rent a bike and ride all over…oh and if you like green beans go to Kinhdo on Hennepin and order the chicken and green beans… you’ll die.Wayne Moran Photography

If you are going to visit, contact me because I have way more suggestions.

However, the more time I spend here on the farm, the more intense everything seems in the city.  People are racing around doing this or that.  Traffic is hostile, nobody says Hi or even smiles..

It’s like the people are all on an assembly line conveyor belt.  Doing the same thing as days go by, as weeks go by, as years go bye!!

I just want to scream and make them stop and say,” The more you make the more they take! “,  if they could know or wake up and realize that we all have a limited time here and is this really how you want to live?

I know I don’t have room for everyone here (but lots),  and some people just want and need more stuff.  So I will just feel blessed and thankful and try to put out some good vibes.  I wouldn’t trade this opportunity for anything.

I am NOT braggy!  I seriously have a MOUNTAIN of work to do to get this Farm going again.  Tons.  Huge amount.  Massive project.  I will show you pics soon…

And.  I am mostly alone in this so think about a visit to Sucker Creek Farm and we will work for awhile but then have a blast in the woods or the field or a lake or down by Sucker Creek!  You will never sleep better I guarantee it.


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