Free Fishing Weekend!

Well things just get more and more exciting around here…

On Sunday morning my Dad gave me my first tractor lesson.  It went O.K. I guess. img_4075 I didn’t fall off or wreak anything.  But I was pretty terrified.  It’s like riding an elephant maybe or probably more like a giant horse because you do have to steer it and shift gears.

It’s more than fifty years old. (sigh)

The next Job was replacing my own Jeep headlight.  My dad makes me do everything by myself now.  It’s for the best but I miss the good old days when he was Mr. Car Maintenance and Repair.  It had screws with star shaped holes.  I think it’s a conspiracy.  Of course inside the magic tool garage is the right bits for me.  Bickety Bam I am feeling like a farm girl!img_4072


Then, I had the sheer joy and agony and joy of watching the Packers play.  In our living room in front of the big picture window in my Packers hat, I jogged in place and was outside jealous of all the snowmobilers driving by.  We have a trail at the end of the field.  I could see them.  They must be from Minnesota…:)

Pretty great weekend and THEN I found out that next weekend is Free Fishing Weekend in all of Wisconsin!  That’s a pretty big deal for families and out-of-towners because those licenses are not cheap!  So. It will be a big party out on the lakes and luckily for me I was invited by a charming local to share a hole. 😉   I remember watching my dad dig one and that takes a lot of elbow grease…next year everyone’s invited;  I will have built my own Icehouse by then!image

But!  The next one is June 10-11!  Mark your calendars we have plenty of room!❤️



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