My best date

walts-numbersMy good life in Wisconsin includes,  50% of the time,  my boy Walter…

He is on the Autism Spectrum and has some other health issues too.  If I seem like I’m always trying to be grateful for everything and if I seem to be preachy about not sweating the small stuff it is the result of being his mother.

He can understand everything we say but cannot easily connect verbally.  Like he barely talks and when he does he is usually repeating back what was just said to him.

I can ask him if he wants this or that and he can say yes or no but he will not talk your ear off or whine or beg or bug you for anything…wait. He will relentlessly bug me for his ipad cord by following me around.  He feels very strongly that it needs to be plugged in at all times.

We love to go for a drive.  The landscape here is stunning.  I say hey there’s a cow, a horse, a sheep, a goat and eagle etc… He is more into staring at the lines in the road as they move.

He seems unimpressed.  And then he sees Walmart.  Seriously he says it out loud!  So I say sure and maybe he needs to go to the bathroom and I remember they have pop machines out front and he is a Pepsi freak so in we go…

But he is wandering in and I’m thinking I should grab some protein shakes and chapstick while I’m here and he seems cool with following behind me.  It seems odd.  He usually is not into shopping at all.

Aha!  I turn around and he is holding these blue numbers.  He has always loved the number 31 so of course he has it.  Evidently at the end of every aisle there is a number and a letter.  I’m pretty sure they don’t want people taking them.

So.  I did what any good mother would do…I say put them in your pocket and let’s go!

We grabbed a Pepsi on the way out and I felt like I wanted to feel.  I could see happy on his face and I helped that happen.  It’s kinda rare around here.  It’s a good life. 😉

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