The Full Wolf Moon

Earlier,  I discussed Evolution instead of Resolution…

One seems kind and gentle;  the other is judgy and rigid.

Yesterday was the first Full Moon of 2017.  Named the Wolf Moon because the wolves are at their hungriest this month…   (they howl more?)

It’s got me thinking about my hungry heart.  I’m like a river that doesn’t know where it’s flowing…

No more wrong turns!  My life is many years along and there is so much more I want to do and see and learn:  I want to plant 100 trees,  I want to visit every National Park,  I want to save some dogs (as many as I can),  and I want my Grandpa’s land to take care of my family and me for years and years.

Speaking of Family,  I want so badly to Master the Art of a Meaningful and Lasting Relationship.

And. This year, (but not now),  I will tell my Grandmother’s story… It’s good and it’s great; she was a fantastic woman and anyone would agree…

So when my Uncle gave me the old quilt top that she had made for him 40 years ago I bravely took the challenge to fix it.quilt

And I stared at it for two months.  But that Full Moon made me face it and deal with it and feel it and do it and now it’s done.     #monkeyoffmyback

Then as my reward, I drove in below zero weather to shoot pool with two hot babes (girl babes) , and stared at that moon the whole way home…It lit up the night landscape.

It lit up my mojo.  🙂

p.s. two things: I’m admitting it really was an amateur hack job but my uncle was cool with it; my kid has a Springsteen fetish so that song drove me home…(Hungry Heart)

My sincere love to all who read me…

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