Alice in Dairyland

I have totally fallen through a trap door…  I was just marching along in one direction and now here I am.

I am not complaining; too many people get stuck in their life as it is now.  I wasn’t brave or bold and I didn’t win the lottery.  Metaphorically, I fell and my Dad caught me.

So. Today after it snowed and snowed he says he is going to get the tractor ready to plow.  I had just made brownies and didn’t burn them for once and I’m like, “Do you want some help?”

He did a weird side nod because never in his life has he ever needed help.  But now Mr. 79 years old is wise enough to realize that I maybe I can be useful.

So I suit up and follow him out and realize that what this means is we are putting CHAINS on the tractor tires. Huge chains, heavy chains, prisoner chains…

What?  He is happy to let me haul them around. I loved it.

First, you have to drag them out and untangle them and lay them flat in the snow and then the tractor drives over them and you try to situate them around this giant tire as he rolls it back slowly.

Oh my goodness! Trying to stretch these chains over this tire so we could just barely latch them is insane. We were both strained to the limit and I’m looking at my dad laying under a fifty year old tractor that he left running and sputtering and smoking and thinking: could I pull him out in time if this thing rolls forward?

img_4076  I was so scared. I have lost so much lately; I don’t want to find out how much I can take.

I respect my father greatly and would not question his judgement but with tears and panic on my face I asked him to turn in off and he did; he didn’t make me feel stupid or melodramatic.   I realized that that’s type of patience and respect I need in my life…

It took us an hour to do both sides and I thank Heaven I was here to help him.

But. Dad. This is life on the farm 60 years ago…I can and will grab a two-stage snow blower and we are never doing that again.

I hope you can see in the photo that the, “plow”, on the back is just a bunch  of old wood.


But. He is the man who wants to do everything my grandpa did at 89 and the way he did it…

They don’t make men like this anymore.

One thought on “Alice in Dairyland

  1. welcome to blogland! Sounds like you have made a soft landing (except for the wooden ladder escapade). Looking forward to seeing one of those farm sunrises, sounds magical! Say hello for the owls for me.


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