Newest New Year!

Well I had the Best New Year’s Eve ever!  The tears and  fears have disappeared and in their place were fireworks in the middle of a frozen lake with some cool people and my son.  My boy Walt fit on the sled and with some noise reducing headphones and he was fine…he is autistic and doesn’t love loudness and also has some walking issues so Mommy made a plan and it went great.

The cool thing about winter fireworks is you can start them early; you can blow the kid’s minds and put them to bed…

I wanted to see the sunrise instead of the ball drop so I cuddled in with the kid to watch Shrek and fell asleep before he did.

I don’t love screamy, sweaty bars on any night and NYE is always the worst.  But in 2012 I got to see Ike Reilly at the House of Blues in Chicago and that was totally worth staying up for…

So. Anyway.  Polk County has over 400 lakes and half of them don’t have names!!  It’s the final frontier people!  Come visit!

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